Detoxifying Our Bodies

Americans are exposed to 50 times more environmental toxins than most other developed countries through water, air, industry, computers, cell phones, preservatives, plastics, and fumes.  Since we cannot see the damage these toxins cause, it is hard for us to fully understand how they affect our bodies. The human body is designed to eliminate toxins but not at such a level.  These toxins build up causing inflammation, the root of most diseases, including cancer and heart disease.

In order for our nutrients to be absorbed, which are necessary for the function of our hormones, we need to eliminate these toxins at least once a year. Many people are starting to feel the effects of aging, like insomnia, decreased sex drive, irritability, depression, and stubborn weight gain, because of hormone decline. Unfortunately traditional medicine does not deal with nutrition, detoxification and hormone optimization to slow aging and its effects down.  You have to be seriously ill before they will intervene.

The field of age management, restorative or functional medicine is evidenced-based alternative medicine dealing with these issues preventing you from becoming seriously ill or just living in a deficient state.