Laser Hair Removal - Sometimes you get what you pay for

Coupons have made a comeback!  I grew up watching my mom clip coupons.  Now in modern times we have sites like Groupon, Living Social, and many others offering fantastic deals on entertainment and services.  Also, reality TV has jumped on the bandwagon with shows like Extreme Couponing.  The craze is spreading across the globe!

I have to admit I am not a coupon clipper.  I have clipped them in the past only to forget all about them until after they expired.  Recently I watched the show Extreme Couponing on TV.  Now, I have to admit I was sucked in and it was quite entertaining.  I had to see how much money these people saved.  After the show I got to thinking.  Why am I not a couponer?  So last Saturday when the coupons came in the mail I went through them and clipped the ones that I would use.  The key here is to get deals on the products that you already use.  I know that part of the purpose of coupons is to get people to purchase new products on the market, but I am a creature of habit.  Also, a new product doesn’t automatically mean it is a better product.  Yesterday, I went to Target to get my needed household cleaners and such and I saved $8.00.  Yes, I know that is not much, but when you add that up over the year with an average of two trips a month, you get a savings of $192.00.  Now that’s a few tanks of gas!

Yes, I was happy to save the extra money, but here is where I think the couponing craze has gone wrong.  People are not staying in their budget or they don’t have a budget.  So when they see deals on Groupon or Living Social they instantly go for it without really knowing about what they are purchasing.  Just because you are getting a financial break does not mean you are getting a quality product.

Let’s take the laser hair removal frenzy, which took place last summer on coupon sites.  Laser hair removal is a wonderful treat for yourself, but there are factors to consider before jumping into it.  RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH!  For each area that is to be treated you will need six treatments spread out six weeks apart from each other.  There are different lasers that are used for the removal of hair.  An IPL laser is not primarily used for hair removal.  Hair removal is simply a side effect of the laser.  Humans operate the lasers which leave a margin of error, areas can be missed.  You should ask if a “missed spots” touch-up appointment is included in the price or if it is a separate fee.  Be informed of what you can and cannot do before and after treatments.  We are dealing with lasers here and they can permanently scar you if they are not operated by trained professionals.  Certain treatable areas can be a bit painful, depending on the individual’s pain tolerance.  You should get a sample of the laser to see if you can tolerate the procedure, if not you should be given options for pain management before you purchase.

Skin and hair color play a role as well.  There are certain hair colors that will not be treated with the laser; white, grey, yellow, and red.  If you have African skin then you need to be treated by highly trained laser technicians due to an added risk of scaring.  This is a lot of information to process within a split second online purchase without having had a consultation.

I am not saying hey, there is too much risk, don’t get laser hair removal.  I am saying get a consultation before purchasing the procedure!  If you think you are wasting your time with a consultation, consider how much money you could be wasting if you go to the wrong place.  Because there is always more than meets the eye when impulse discount purchasing of cosmetic or medical procedures are involved.