Botox Price Shopping Has Made a Comeback!
Review of: Botox Treatment

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On April 12, 2012
Last modified:June 13, 2012


I had been thinking of doing this for years, but never felt “right” at any other place. After talking with Bonnie, I made an appointment the next day and was very pleased, in fact, I brought my daughter in who also was impressed with the care, facility and outcome. Thank you.

I would like to share a true story with you.  Now this has happened a few times during my employment at Kass Clinics, but this story stands out in my mind.

Our lovely Patient Coordinator, Sara M. took a phone call the other day from a patient of ours wanting to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kass for Botox.  This patient came here once, a few years ago, took advantage of our free consultation and was treated with Botox on the same day.  Botox is an injectable to relax facial muscles to reduce the production of facial wrinkles, keeping a more youthful appearance.  Sara was a bit confused that the patient was requesting a consultation for a procedure that they have already done.

“Is there a specific concern that you would like to discuss with Dr. Kass?” Sara asked.

The patient quickly responded, “Yes, I recently purchased a Groupon for Botox at a clinic that I haven’t been to before for the discount pricing.  I assumed that Botox is Botox and that since it only takes minutes that there really isn’t much for the person administering it to know.  I was wrong and now I look horrible!  I trust Dr. Kass and his work; I would like to know if there is anything that he can do to make me look myself again.”

Sara quickly scheduled the patient.

Everyone has the right to price shop for their purchase.  What I will bring to people’s attention is that purchasing a medical procedure on a discount site without knowing the provider or company is leaving room for a loss on your investment.  When, in the long run, you are not fulfilling the premise of the situation in saving money.  Always understand the ins and outs of what you are purchasing.  Yes, thinking that you have saved yourself money is great for self esteem and actually gives some of us a natural high and an overall good feeling.  But, ask yourself some basic questions before you purchase.

  • Can you even have the treatment?
  • What can and can’t you do before and after the procedure?
  • Who will perform the procedure?
  • How much training have they had?
  • Do you have realistic expectations of the procedure?

Don’t be a victim of a shopping addiction or great marketing.  Make informed decisions regarding all medical procedures.  Price isn’t the only factor to consider when purchasing medical procedures.