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Adult Acne Therapy

Serving Minneapolis, St. Paul & The Twin Cities Metro Area, MN

Adult acne has become an epidemic in society.  STRESS and DIET are two of the most common and unaddressed causes.  Stress has a direct effect on your hormone system precipitating acne.  Unlike most dermatology practices, we have multiple non-invasive treatments that spare adults and children from the long-term hazardous effects associated with Accutane and antibiotics. At Kass Clinics, the first step is skin evaluation using the VISIA® Complexion Analysis system. VISIA’s advanced technology provides meaningful skin evaluations and tracks treatment progress. VISIA generates quantitative values for skin features that, until now, could only be subjectively evaluated.

Our expert staff  is experienced to assess and treat  hormonal and dietary factors that may  influence and, thus, compromise treatment outcomes.  We stress the importance of assessing the” bigger picture” and formulating a plan that will be successful rather than the “bandaid” approach currently available. Rarely will you find acne treatments that are tailored to diagnosing and treating the underlying problem, as well as improving the visible results. How many rounds of antibiotics are you willing to take  before side effects occur that are worse than the acne? A recent study has linked antibiotic use with breast cancer.  How willing are you to take Accutane, which has been shown to cause miscarriages and birth defects and is strictly regulated by the FDA? It’s time to look for solutions outside the box of mainstream medicine, and to treat acne correctly before scars develop.

Your treatment regimen may require one or more treatments in conjunction with a skin care regimen.