Healthy Aging: The Kass Clinics Difference

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Our Hormone Program

After many years of studying this new approach to healthcare, Dr. Kass has developed a program that combines the best elements from world experts, including the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and Cenegenics Medical Institute. This program includes many of the treatment elements necessary to properly optimize and improve the effectiveness of your hormone systems. Other hormone programs, especially those of the franchises, limit their practice to giving you hormones without incorporating detoxification, nutrition, weight loss, stress  and inflammation reduction. Chronic inflammation is a cause and affect of the diseases in aging. Balanced hormone optimization decreases inflammation. In order to give hormones safely, patients need to have ongoing visits and have their hormones titrated individually. This should be performed by a physician at a reputable medical center.

The Kass Clinics Program - What to Expect

Our program includes

  • Hormone Restoration – Bio-Identical Medication
  • Nutrition – Supplements, Diet & Weight Loss
  • Detoxification – Cleansing the Body
  • Mind Balance – Stress Management
  • Body Balance – Fitness & Exercise

Our program begins with

  • A comprehensive questionnaire
  • A complete laboratory profile. On your first visit, you will have your body profile measured by the InBody 520.
  • A comprehensive consultation about your diet, nutrition and exercise. Dr. Kass will assess or order your lab work.
  • Natural nutraceuticals for the detoxification of your body will be prescribed. This is necessary because of our poor diets and the depleted nutrition in our food supply. Also, because of our exposure to unlimited environmental toxins, our bodies have lost the ability to absorb nutrients effectively, which are necessary components for the function of hormones. Based on your symptoms and lab work, you will be prescribed only one or two hormones at a low dose to determine your tolerance. You will also be prescribed pharmaceutical grade vitamins and minerals to restore your proper nutrient levels.


  • Return visits are typically monthly for a few months to assess the dosages and the bioidentical hormones that you require, followed by semiannual and annual visits. Periodically, lab work will be drawn to assess your levels and to determine the effectiveness of your hormones. Once you are regulated and comfortable with your treatment plan, visits can be by phone.  We work to restore the levels you had when you were younger and free from disease. If it appears that you are not responding to treatment, a 24-hour urine or saliva sample will be taken to look at your metabolites to determine the cause. This is unique to Kass Clinics and is not typically offered by other practices.

To Round Off the Program

  • We focus on reducing inflammation and, most importantly, stress. Stress is the major cause of hormone reduction and the shifting of hormone production toward cortisol production, which we produce to handle stress. Eventually, the adrenal glands producing the cortisol will fatigue, and this will have a major impact on the other hormones that we need for well being.

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