Traditional Healthcare vs BHRT and Alternative Medical Specialty

Our goal is to help you stay healthy and energetic through your aging years. Traditional healthcare has become reactive instead of proactive. Doctors attempt to treat you when you get sick, but often times, it’s too late. Although we are living longer, it is clearly evident that we are not living healthier. There is a considerable amount of scientific data to substantiate that we age because our hormones decline. Unfortunately, healthcare in America is not as progressive as other countries. Utilizing outdated laboratory values, modern medicine has chosen to limit hormone treatment to the few that are severely deficient and ignores those with mild and moderate deficiencies, even when symptomatic.

Scientific data has shown that, by age 40, most of our essential hormones have declined significantly, leading to the many symptoms we start to experience. These include reduced energy, weight gain, muscle loss, memory lapses, loss of skin tone, decreased sex drive, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. As a result of the decline in our hormone levels, we also have less protection against heart disease, diabetes, cancer and bone loss.

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