What Is BHRT?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) means using hormones that are biologically identical to what your body makes unlike the hormone replacement that used Premarin Prempro.

The Women’s Health Initiative (which was abruptly stopped in 2002 because of the increased risk of breast cancer, heart attacks and blood clots) was based on a pharmaceutical from Wyeth called “Prempro”, a combination of Premarin and Provera. If you have ever wondered, Premarin got its name from PREgnant MAre uRINe. Yes, the estrogen came from horses and was not bioidentical. It also contained more of the bad estrogen (estrone) that causes heart disease and cancer. It has also been shown that the synthetic progesterone in Provera had many deleterious effects. To compound the problem, the medication was given orally, which created more toxins when it passed through the liver. Amazingly, physicians never had a problem prescribing this medication for 50 years. The other problem was that doctors gave the same dose to everyone, and half the women quit taking the PremPro after one year because of side effects.

All About Hormones

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