What is infrared coagulation?

Infrared coagulation (IRC) is the most widely used office treatment for hemor­rhoids. It is a noninvasive, nonsurgical procedure that is fast and well tolerated by patients.

How is IRC performed?

The IRC Lightguide is placed in direct contact with the tissue at the base of the hemorrhoid. Three to five 1.5-second ad­jacent exposures are applied, producing instantaneous coagulation without smoke, odor, or shock hazard. One hemorrhoidal quadrant is treated per session, and several sessions may be required to achieve optimum results. The actual number of treatments required is dependent upon the number and severity cf the hemorrhoids, as well as individual patent response to treatment. While pa­tient sensitivity may vary, most patients usually report feeling little more than a brief sensation of heat, but not acute pain. Local anesthesia is usually not required.

Is it safe and effective?

Millions of patients have been successfully  treated with IRC for over 20 years. Patients appreciate treatment without a hospital stay, and being able to resume normal activities almost immedi­ately, with little if any downtime. Complications are rare and there have been no reported incidents of infection or stricture. It has been shown to be as effective as rubber band ligation without the complications.  Multiple studies have shown IRC to be the first-line treatment for hemorrhoids.  Schedule your consultation today, and check out our specials.

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