Providing you with care and comfort backed by medical and client-centered treatments and therapies.

Our Expertise

Kass Clinics specializes in non-surgical vein treatments, cosmetic care, hemorrhoid treatment and healthy aging/age management. You can relax from the moment you enter our Minnesota clinic, and confidently place your trust in our caring team.

Advocates for safe & ethical medical treatments and committed to providing the highest medical quality

Led by Dr. Kass, a multi-board-certified Physician specializing in Phlebology (venous diseases) and Bonnie Kass, RN, CRNA, LE co-founder and one of Minnesota’s top laser specialists.

One Convenient Location - Our Doctor and Specialists Are Always In

We focus on treatments and therapies that give you whole-health options in ONE convenient location. Our doctor is always in.

The Kass Clinics’ Difference

Serving the Twin Cities metro area, MN Since 1993, founders Dr. Sidney Kass and Bonnie Kass, RN, have been bringing together decades of pioneering experience and a commitment to quality patient care, from diagnosis through follow-up care. Kass Clinics was built on a foundation of dedication to the advancements in medicine and a compassion for providing patients with the best care. Our team of medical specialists was chosen for their expertise, dedication to patient care and outcomes. They care about the welfare of our patients.

Our reputation for ethics and honesty are rare qualities found in today’s business environment. We care about your satisfaction and treatment success. We determine the underlying causes of your concerns, and continuous assessment is important in achieving your specific goals. We guide you in making informed decisions about the treatment options available to you and recommend the treatments that will give you the best results while working within your budget.

We only recommend what you need, and never try to sell you something that you don’t!

Focused Expertise and Commitment to Patient Care

Our highly trained medical professionals are committed to helping patients make confident and informed decisions about the many treatment options available.

  • Dr. Kass – Multi-Board Certified Physician specializing in Phlebology, Founder and Medical Director (read more about Dr. Kass)
  • Bonnie Kass, RN, C.R.N.A., L.E. – Co-Founder (read more about Bonnie Kass)
  • Ella Dreyshner – Esthetician
  • Client Care Team – Ensures your complete satisfaction from the moment you make your first appointment.

Our Mission

Working and living in a culture of compassion, where dignity and respect for all individuals are our guiding principles. Our associates take ownership and, through their enthusiasm, value, and dedication set us apart in a world of mediocrity. In competition with ourselves, we strive to raise our own bar with every patient visit, ensuring patients depart with a lasting impression of excellence, bringing them back time and time again.

At Kass Clinics, We Set Ourselves Apart by:

  • Partnering with Our Patients
  • Educating Our Patients
  • Continually Pursuing Education and Professionalism
  • Being Passionate about Being Compassionate
  • Providing Exemplary Client Care