Do you have varicose veins?

Most people think varicose veins are usually only identified by the visibly unattractive rope-like veins that trail your legs. Believe it or not, there are many patients who may experience symptoms they do not associate with varicose veins because they cannot see them.  In all cases the underlying causes of varicose veins begin years before they appear on the surface.

Kass Clinics - Minnesota’s Vein Expert

Led by Dr. Kass, one of the country’s few board certified phlebologists, incorporating his expertise in anesthesia he is able to perform all procedures in-office without general anesthesia or sedation, using strictly local anesthesia.  This enables you to return to your normal activities immediately.

What You Can Expect from Vein Treatment at Kass Clinics

Once it is determined you have a medical problem an extensive history and physical exam is performed. In addition, a real-time venous ultrasound of your legs is completed prior to treatment. This identifies the problem veins and gives our medical staff a detailed road map of your vein issues. This is an important process in formulating your individual course of treatment tailored exclusively for your condition. Too many times the symptom is treated and not the problem.  This leads to therapy failure and recurrence of the varicosities.  In addition, all patients are carefully measured and fitted with medical grade compression stockings to facilitate your treatment and succesful outcome.  All procedures are explained at length and all your questions are answered in a non-pressured atmosphere.

What does my treatment entail?

Your vein treatment and therapy may include a combination of the therapies below:

What is a varicose vein?

In looking at the entire circulatory system, arteries carry oxygen-rich blood from your heart to the rest of your body. Once the various body parts use the oxygen in the blood, the veins return the oxygen-depleted blood back to your heart. This process is facilitated by the venous pump, which is a combination of the calf muscle,  foot compression and one-way valves combined. If the veins are weak or if the valves are not functioning– a condition known as venous insufficiency – the entire system struggles and causes the veins to swell creating varicose veins, leg swelling and pain.  The varicose veins are the bulging veins you see on the surface and are the symptom and not the problem.  At Kass Clinics your treatment focuses on both the varicose veins and the underlying veins that are the source.

Don’t I need these veins even if they are damaged?

One of the most common questions asked by Kass Clinics’ patients is, “Don’t I need these veins even though they’re damaged?” The answer is NO, you don’t need them. In fact you create a healthier circulatory system by removing the damaged veins. You have miles of superficial veins in your leg. Your body is smart and already working to redirect the venous blood flow in your legs through the miles of good veins. When we treat your varicose veins and alleviate the back pressure and incorrect flow, your circulation will improve! Less stress, less redirection equals a healthier you.

Know the Symptoms of Varicose Veins

Approximately 40 million people suffer from varicose veins and most are women. Although many people consider it to be a cosmetic condition, the fact is that varicose veins in most cases are a medcial condition that can be rectified with a medical procedure. Although not life threatening, varicose veins are an indication of a larger vascular problem which should not be ignored.

Patients can experience one or more of the following symptoms in their legs:

  • Swelling or Throbbing
  • Pain or cramping feeling
  • Heaviness or Tiredness
  • Tingling or Burning Sensations
  • Itching Sensation
  • Tenderness in Spots Around a Vein

These are all signs that the circulation controlling the flow of blood to the heart may not be flowing properly, causing stress on your veins and extra work for your circulatory system. While vein conditions are not preventable and usually hereditary, they are TREATABLE!

If left untreated the symptoms may progress to more serious complications including:

  • Blood clots (e.g., DVT deep vein)
  • Phlebitis (Inflammation)
  • Thrombosis (clotting in the circulatory system)
  • Ankle sores or skin ulcers

The Leading Causes of Varicose Veins:

>>leading causes

Proper diagnosis is the first step!

Because the development of varicose veins is usually progressive, early diagnosis and treatment is important. The sooner you treat vascular issues, the better the results will be and less invasive the treatment. While there is no way to reverse a varicose vein into a healthy vein, there is a treatment to redirect the blood flow, thereby relieving the problems associated with varicose veins.

If your feet or ankles are swollen, if you have numbness or tingling in your legs or bulging unattractive surface veins that you’re embarrassed of, call our vein treatment experts at Kass Clinics to schedule a free vein consultation. You deserve healthier legs and a happier you!

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